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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shopping Bag Exchange Present

I guess this is OK to post now as my recipient has received her pressie and has told me she loves it. I painted this bag as part of a Christmas exchange for a painting list I am a member of. I have to tell you it is quite a while since I have taken up a paint brush and am a bit rusty. I decided to paint the bag with a non Chrismassy theme so the recipient could use it all year round, but included the handmade photoframe so my gift was in keeping with the Christmas theme.
The pattern for the butterfly is a colouring book image I found on the net, the photoframe has a magnetic backing and fits a 4" x 6" photo. The frame idea comes from TeriBeri's Creations (she was a guest designer for the Christmas with the Cricut Blog in November) Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the frame how to video. She has some great projects on her blog. The elements of the frame were all cut with the Cricut.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Monogram Ornaments

I made these glass ornaments (sorry about the photo - a photographer I am not LOL) for my family for Christmas. Each one has their initial on them and 2009 on the back. The inspiration for the glittered glass ornaments came from the Christmas with the Cricut Blog. (The equivalent in Australia for Pledge Future floor polish is Pledge One Go) I then cut the letters with SCAL software using the Black Chancery Font and A4 JAC paper (it has an adhesive sheet sandwiched in between two paper sheets). The paper cut great on the Cricut. Settings I used were Blade Depth: 6, Pressure: High and Speed: Medium. The cut didn't go right through to the bottom but it made the design easier top peel off then it was simple to just stick straight on to the ornament. I had to snip the design in a few places in order for it to hug the surface of the ornament better. I then sprinkled fine glitter over the design and brushed the excess off.

I decided to do some more ornaments to give as a small gift to the staff at work. I used bought ones and decorated them the same way as the glass ornaments. The snowflake design I used is from SVG Cuts "Santa's North Pole Workshop".